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In Custody

 IDLast, First MiddleBooked
Details322830 ALGERJORDAN  DANIEL 1/20/2023 
Details225308 ALVAREZJOHN  STEVEN 2/8/2023 
Details252382 ANDERSONRODNEY  BEAUDINE 12/3/2022 
Details320728 ANDREUSPAVEL  SERGEYEVICH 1/25/2023 
Details300535 ARREOLAALEXANDER  1/2/2023 
Details118510 ARRIOLAMICHAEL  ANTHONY 1/20/2023 
Details317550 ATTERBURYROSS  PATRICK 12/23/2022 
Details296872 BARRETTVINCENT  SALVATORE 2/2/2023 
Details272579 BATESJESTON  BRADFORD 12/22/2022 
Details121679 BELCHERDOPRE  CHARLES 11/30/2022 
Details235062 BESIOBERT  TINO 10/18/2022 
Details33971 BLAKESLEYTHERESA  ANNE 8/15/2021 
Details305534 BORDESSAARIEL  12/14/2022 
Details47996 BOWLESRHONDA  LEANN 11/26/2022 
Details16869 BOWMANRAYMOND  STROUD 11/26/2022 
Details241271 BRAINJEFFREY  SCOTT 1/27/2023 
Details199638 BRAVOLEOPOLDO  GUTIERREZ 11/9/2022 
Details156373 BRITTONSHANE  EDWARD 2/2/2023 
Details50998 BROOKSNICHOLAS  TROY 1/13/2023 
Details280183 BROUDRICKMATHEW  JUSTIN 2/5/2023 
Details308135 BROWNDASAN  WARSAI 9/7/2022 
Details104104 BROWNJACK  ALLEN 9/27/2022 
Details72858 BUCKINGHAMRAYMOND  EDWARD 3/15/2022 
Details147323 BURGOSAMANDA  LEIGH 2/1/2023 
Details46048 BURROWSJUSTIN  DALE 2/4/2023 
Details171352 BURROWSKOREY  LEE 4/16/2022 
Details116533 CERNAARTURO  ANTONIO 11/12/2022 
Details30382 CERVELLIDONALD  RAY 11/11/2022 
Details58552 CHIONIJULIUS  CHRISTOPHER 2/6/2023 
Details60377 CISNEROSMARIA  AMIE 1/25/2023 

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