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In Custody

 IDLast, First MiddleBooked
Details314876 ABLESBILL  JUSTIN 4/7/2023 
Details283523 ALGERROBERT  LEE 11/25/2023 
Details35728 ALLENNEAL  MYRON 6/30/2024 
Details303512 ALVARADOCARLOS  5/1/2024 
Details25373 AMARALLAWRENCE  CEDRICK 1/31/2024 
Details264694 ANTONINIPETER  MICHAEL 5/24/2024 
Details326807 AVALOSCARILLOJOAQUIN  7/14/2024 
Details332356 AVERHARTBILLY  4/12/2024 
Details332910 AYALACARLOS  GALLO 5/19/2024 
Details327128 BALANDRANLUIS  FERNANDEZ 10/5/2023 
Details110801 BANUETJOHN  CHARLES 7/11/2024 
Details299066 BECKGAGE  MICHAEL 4/20/2024 
Details121679 BELCHERDOPRE  CHARLES 10/17/2023 
Details235062 BESIOBERT  TINO 10/18/2022 
Details61066 BLACKANTHONY  LEE 6/1/2024 
Details268378 BLANKENSHIPNATHANIEL  JAMES 6/21/2024 
Details206338 BOGGSJOE  NATHAN 6/14/2024 
Details329684 BROOKEPEERLISS  CHRISTOPHER 9/22/2023 
Details104104 BROWNJACK  ALLEN 5/4/2024 
Details222976 BRUHNAMBER  LYNN 3/21/2024 
Details72858 BUCKINGHAMRAYMOND  EDWARD 3/15/2022 
Details155460 BURKJEANELLE  LEE 5/26/2024 
Details301383 CALDWELLJOHNNY  RICHARD 5/4/2024 
Details331789 CARPENTERDAYAN  ALEJANDRO 2/27/2024 
Details48088 CARRBRADLEY  HOUSTON 12/24/2023 
Details257554 CARVALHODOMINIC  JOSEPH 5/28/2024 
Details56880 CASTILLOSUELUMATRA  5/6/2024 
Details52383 CASTROTIMOTHY  ALEXANDER 3/7/2024 
Details116533 CERNAARTURO  ANTONIO 11/12/2022 
Details116177 CHAVEZHECTOR  MANUEL 11/15/2023 

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