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In Custody

 IDLast, First MiddleBooked
Details321237 ABEYTAELIJAH  JOSEPH 6/14/2023 
Details314876 ABLESBILL  JUSTIN 4/7/2023 
Details215893 ALLARDJENNIFER  KATHRINE 6/20/2023 
Details323040 ALVARADOAUNER  9/20/2023 
Details321992 ALVAREZDAVID  7/31/2023 
Details51167 AMOROSOJOHN  WILLIAM 4/19/2023 
Details76692 ANDERSONDOUGLAS  DWIGHT 8/3/2023 
Details7373 ANDERSONHERBERT  CARL 2/17/2023 
Details302493 ANGELMOLINEROBERNARDO  6/26/2023 
Details300535 ARREOLAALEXANDER  10/4/2023 
Details131486 AVILAMICHAEL  ANTHONY 8/28/2023 
Details186311 BAILEYDARIN  WILLIAM 6/27/2023 
Details159980 BALLINGERJASON  DOUGLAS 7/18/2023 
Details110801 BANUETJOHN  CHARLES 8/29/2023 
Details236878 BATESCAMERON  BENJAMIN 8/29/2023 
Details30007 BECKMANKEVIN  GENE 8/22/2023 
Details121679 BELCHERDOPRE  CHARLES 7/7/2023 
Details328815 BENNETTCHRISTOPHER  JAMES 7/22/2023 
Details224673 BERGERONMICHAEL  6/29/2023 
Details235062 BESIOBERT  TINO 10/18/2022 
Details198725 BLANTONJEFFREY  DON 9/3/2023 
Details189711 BLEVINSSHANEL  ALISHA 9/19/2023 
Details47996 BOWLESRHONDA  LEANN 8/26/2023 
Details156373 BRITTONSHANE  EDWARD 9/27/2023 
Details329684 BROOKEPEERLISS  CHRISTOPHER 9/22/2023 
Details72858 BUCKINGHAMRAYMOND  EDWARD 3/15/2022 
Details171352 BURROWSKOREY  LEE 4/16/2022 
Details43223 BUSCHCRAIG  CLIFFORD 8/28/2023 
Details48088 CARRBRADLEY  HOUSTON 9/11/2023 
Details116533 CERNAARTURO  ANTONIO 11/12/2022 

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