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In Custody

 IDLast, First MiddleBooked
Details303512 ALVARADOCARLOS  1/11/2020 
Details25373 AMARALLAWRENCE  CEDRICK 9/13/2019 
Details65985 ANDERSONBILLY  JOE 5/15/2019 
Details304749 ANDRADESILVIA  MARIE 1/27/2020 
Details173120 ANTONIRONALD  RAYMOND 2/17/2020 
Details307687 ARMENTAMARTINEZCASIMIRO  1/21/2020 
Details138331 ASHMOREALAN  LEROY 10/23/2017 
Details307899 BAKERNATALIE  ANN 2/4/2020 
Details288294 BARRERAARMANDO  7/2/2018 
Details75618 BASSHAMKYLE  IAN 1/18/2019 
Details302261 BECERRAMIGUEL  ANGEL 6/28/2019 
Details83428 BELSHAWPATRICK  CRAIG 1/5/2020 
Details297976 BEREKETAMANUEL  NEGASH 5/16/2019 
Details235062 BESIOBERT  TINO 7/15/2019 
Details164633 BLAKESLEYANTHONY  EUGENE 2/15/2020 
Details305534 BORDESSAARIEL  9/14/2019 
Details47996 BOWLESRHONDA  LEANN 2/10/2020 
Details308045 BUCHANNEVILLE  PATRICK 2/13/2020 
Details147323 BURGOSAMANDA  LEIGH 1/20/2020 
Details298654 BURKHARTEROL  JEROME 1/29/2020 
Details200679 BURKHAUSERVALLEN  REECE 11/22/2019 
Details65061 CANLETTKEVIN  MICHAEL 8/31/2019 
Details103218 CARLSONLOGAN  CHRISTIAN 1/29/2020 
Details77742 CARSONJOSEPH  ALAN 2/10/2020 
Details307976 CARSONPATRICK  LEE 2/7/2020 
Details290657 CASADYDRU  AARON 2/5/2018 
Details140211 CASTELLANOSJULIO  ANTONIO 1/30/2020 
Details22013 CASTELLANOSSALVADOR  8/7/2019 
Details307594 CELADONSTEPHEN  GIACOMO 1/13/2020 

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