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In Custody

 IDLast, First MiddleBooked
Details170974 ADAMESVICENTE  TREVINO 6/22/2017 
Details76692 ANDERSONDOUGLAS  DWIGHT 8/7/2018 
Details297372 ARCHULETADAVID  CLAIR 6/9/2018 
Details298049 ARIASMOURO  DIAZ 7/17/2018 
Details202501 ARNEYAMANDA  MARLENE 6/23/2018 
Details97013 ASHARNOLD  DEAN 7/19/2018 
Details138331 ASHMOREALAN  LEROY 10/23/2017 
Details281795 AVANTPATRICIA  DIANA 6/11/2018 
Details258454 BALENTINEDAVID  MICHAEL 8/10/2018 
Details256090 BARAJASFRANCISCO  1/8/2018 
Details293344 BARBERANTHONY  FREDERICK 8/9/2018 
Details288294 BARRERAARMANDO  7/2/2018 
Details296872 BARRETTVINCENT  SALVATORE 5/21/2018 
Details82275 BARTLETTJACOB  TODD 5/26/2018 
Details249161 BEAVERSJOSHUA  ROBERT 9/9/2013 
Details297593 BEGINESSERGIO  ABDULE 6/21/2018 
Details281697 BERDNIKOVIGOR  EVGENEVICH 6/21/2018 
Details205959 BERGDUSTIN  DANIEL 8/6/2018 
Details33971 BLAKESLEYTHERESA  ANNE 8/7/2018 
Details76427 BONDIVINCENT  JOSEPH 7/26/2018 
Details240284 BOYERKARL  JOSEPH 7/14/2018 
Details23786 BRASHERDAYNA  LEA 7/26/2018 
Details223048 BRAVOEZEQUIEL  12/1/2016 
Details137209 BROGANTHOMAS  PATRICK 4/7/2018 
Details50998 BROOKSNICHOLAS  TROY 8/6/2017 
Details10244 BROWNBRANDY  MARIE 7/11/2017 
Details79516 BROWNDAMIEN  ALEX 8/9/2018 
Details270901 CAMARAMANUEL  CHRISTOPHER 6/6/2018 

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