In Custody

 IDLast, First MiddleBooked
Details55004 ADKINSMICHEAL  STEVEN 5/1/2017 
Details161763 AGUILARJOSE  GUADALUPE 4/23/2017 
Details39470 ALLARDJASON  MICHAEL 5/24/2017 
Details225308 ALVAREZJOHN  STEVEN 3/28/2017 
Details115674 ALVAREZJUSTIN  SHANE 5/23/2017 
Details76692 ANDERSONDOUGLAS  DWIGHT 4/21/2017 
Details230439 ANDRADEALEJANDRO  JOSE 5/11/2017 
Details59405 ANDREWSTERRENCE  JAMES 3/7/2017 
Details276499 ARANAPERRY  ALLEN 12/21/2016 
Details212364 ARBEENYKASHI  SHIVA 3/10/2017 
Details272756 ARCHERALEXIE  TAMARA 1/23/2017 
Details248236 ARCHERSTEPHEN  JOSEPH 1/23/2017 
Details232435 ARREAGAJASON  MICHAEL 7/18/2016 
Details118510 ARRIOLAMICHAEL  ANTHONY 12/8/2016 
Details85315 AZBILLANDREW  NICHOLAS 7/28/2016 
Details170048 BANDAJESSE  ROLANDO 8/29/2016 
Details236878 BATESCAMERON  BENJAMIN 5/24/2017 
Details249161 BEAVERSJOSHUA  ROBERT 9/9/2013 
Details65778 BEEBEJUSTIN  LEE 3/11/2016 
Details274345 BELLINOMICHELLE  MARIE 4/20/2017 
Details165757 BLANTONFLASH  AARON 3/27/2017 
Details235485 BOSCHRUBEN  ANTHONY 7/26/2016 
Details223048 BRAVOEZEQUIEL  12/1/2016 
Details98266 BRINKCANDACE  ANN 5/21/2017 
Details50998 BROOKSNICHOLAS  TROY 5/20/2017 
Details39017 BROWNBRANDON  REESE 12/3/2016 
Details15379 BROWNDAVID  ALLEN 5/1/2017 
Details11061 BROWNRALPH  DAVID 5/26/2017 
Details235405 BUCKMASTERLEE  DANIEL 3/23/2017 
Details285681 BUCKNERPETER  MARVIN 4/22/2017 

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