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In Custody

 IDLast, First MiddleBooked
Details2342 ACCETTAROBERT  JOSEPH 8/5/2020 
Details308778 AGUILARHOWARD  7/11/2020 
Details64009 ALONSODANIEL  8/7/2020 
Details303512 ALVARADOCARLOS  8/3/2020 
Details141431 AMMONSDEAN  THOMAS 6/7/2020 
Details51167 AMOROSOJOHN  WILLIAM 7/15/2020 
Details295751 ANSONJAMES  RYAN 8/13/2020 
Details138331 ASHMOREALAN  LEROY 10/23/2017 
Details80396 AUSTINLISA  MARIE 9/11/2020 
Details308230 BALDERASALMA  ALMARAZ 2/24/2020 
Details293344 BARBERANTHONY  FREDERICK 8/28/2020 
Details75618 BASSHAMKYLE  IAN 1/18/2019 
Details302261 BECERRAMIGUEL  ANGEL 6/28/2019 
Details300681 BEGINSJERAMIAH  RAOUL 7/30/2020 
Details83428 BELSHAWPATRICK  CRAIG 1/5/2020 
Details305634 BELTRANEDWIN  GIOVANY 7/6/2020 
Details241347 BENAVIDEZJASON  KENNY 7/16/2020 
Details153545 BENSONROBERT  CHARLES 2/23/2020 
Details309810 BERNAVICHPAUL  8/26/2020 
Details103689 BERRYRICHARD  ALLEN 6/8/2020 
Details235062 BESIOBERT  TINO 7/15/2019 
Details82706 BEVERLYFRANCOIS  RENE 2/20/2020 
Details109160 BRADLEYROBERT  EUGENE 9/21/2020 
Details311520 BROOKSANDREW  STEVEN 8/21/2020 
Details50998 BROOKSNICHOLAS  TROY 7/13/2020 
Details295191 BRUNNERGREGORY  TYRELL 7/6/2020 
Details115516 CALIAJOSEPH  EDWARD 6/23/2020 
Details65061 CANLETTKEVIN  MICHAEL 6/25/2020 

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