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In Custody

 IDLast, First MiddleBooked
Details314876 ABLESBILL  JUSTIN 4/10/2021 
Details308348 AKIMAMICAH  KOOLAU 2/22/2021 
Details141431 AMMONSDEAN  THOMAS 5/8/2021 
Details230439 ANDRADEALEJANDRO  JOSE 10/20/2020 
Details297372 ARCHULETADAVID  CLAIR 2/4/2021 
Details47671 ARMIJOANDREW  LUIS 1/12/2021 
Details45605 BALLDWAYNE  CLARENCE 3/15/2021 
Details137143 BARRIOSSTEPHEN  RUSSELL 1/19/2021 
Details189711 BLEVINSSHANEL  ALISHA 5/11/2021 
Details313995 BOOKERTREVOR  SCOTT 5/7/2021 
Details20749 BRADENTHOMAS  EDWIN 3/26/2021 
Details301003 BRUNSERIC  RICHARD 5/4/2021 
Details315298 BUCKHANANJOHN  WESLEY 3/17/2021 
Details186485 CAMPBELLERIK  BLUE 3/3/2021 
Details48088 CARRBRADLEY  HOUSTON 3/22/2021 
Details250499 CARTERRICK  WALLACE 12/15/2020 
Details212721 CHAPMANDAVID  ARNOLD 1/31/2021 
Details316284 CHRISMANDONNA  LORETTA 5/11/2021 
Details277171 COMBALAN  JUNIOR 1/5/2021 
Details96460 CONLEYANTHONY  WAYNE 3/28/2019 
Details18786 CORDEROJUSTIN  THOMAS 10/18/2020 
Details55195 CORDOVARICARDO  DENNIS 3/11/2021 
Details72597 COTTERCALVIN  5/4/2021 
Details315235 COYLEKEILAH  MARIE 3/14/2021 
Details122907 CROSBYJAKE  MORRIS 9/18/2020 
Details67942 CROSSDANIEL  MATHEW 12/4/2020 
Details302316 DEBARDELEBENBLEU  MARIAH 8/7/2020 
Details305686 DELOSSANTOSANTONIO  MIGUEL 1/26/2021 
Details54798 DELVALLEDENNIS  PEREZ 12/7/2020 
Details295802 DEPINAISAIAH  MAURICE 4/13/2021 

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