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In Custody

 IDLast, First MiddleBooked
Details200165 ADDISONLONNIE  JAMES 5/12/2019 
Details299702 AGUILARJUAN  JOSE 2/14/2019 
Details286713 ALLENROBERT  DUANE 7/4/2019 
Details258830 ALVAREZJAVIER  6/20/2019 
Details304927 ALVAREZJENNIFER  NICOLE 8/15/2019 
Details141431 AMMONSDEAN  THOMAS 8/2/2019 
Details65985 ANDERSONBILLY  JOE 5/15/2019 
Details76692 ANDERSONDOUGLAS  DWIGHT 7/20/2019 
Details49103 ANDERSONKIM  EUGENE 6/30/2019 
Details230439 ANDRADEALEJANDRO  JOSE 7/24/2019 
Details169601 ANDRESENANDREW  NICHOLAS 7/21/2019 
Details202773 ARSONALBERT  8/8/2019 
Details51888 ASHLINECALISTIA  ANN 8/10/2019 
Details138331 ASHMOREALAN  LEROY 10/23/2017 
Details234264 AUSTINBRIAN  DWAYNE 8/16/2019 
Details63571 BAKERALBERT  CLARK 8/9/2019 
Details15614 BARGERWILLIAM  JOSEPH 8/6/2019 
Details288294 BARRERAARMANDO  7/2/2018 
Details75618 BASSHAMKYLE  IAN 1/18/2019 
Details302261 BECERRAMIGUEL  ANGEL 6/28/2019 
Details212583 BECKDAIN  MATTHEW 5/20/2019 
Details121679 BELCHERDOPRE  CHARLES 7/7/2019 
Details64083 BELLBARRY  ANTIONE 8/1/2019 
Details259022 BERAINRUDY  8/14/2019 
Details297976 BEREKETAMANUEL  NEGASH 5/16/2019 
Details54393 BERMUDEZHECTOR  MARIANO 5/15/2019 
Details235062 BESIOBERT  TINO 7/15/2019 
Details191936 BIAGIGARY  PAUL 5/22/2019 
Details279507 BLACKWELLONTRICE  LEMAR 8/12/2019 
Details189711 BLEVINSSHANEL  ALISHA 7/29/2019 

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