Document Library

The Department of Public Works has a library of over one thousand paper documents from maps to reports to books, going back to 1933. The subjects of most of the documents are water resource related, including new water supplies, groundwater investigations, water quality studies, etc. The Department is providing a database of the library contents to increase public awareness of the prior work in Lake County. The database can be searched to find documents of interest.

The database consists of seven fields:
  • Book Number
  • Document Title
  • Author
  • Document Subject
  • Watershed
  • Date
  • Keyword
Five of the fields (bolded) are searchable. To perform a search, follow the following steps:
  1. Determine which field you want to search (only one field may be searched at a time). Select that field.
  2. Type a search word in the desired field (not case-sensitive).
  3. Press the Search button.
  4. View the results.
  5. The Search can be refined by following Steps 1 through 4 again.
  6. If the results do not include the desired information, press the Back button and try again.
If you wish to view a document, contact the Department of Public Works, 707-263-2341. Documents may be loaned for reading and/or copying (with permission from the author if copyrighted). Some documents may also be available in electronic format.

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Note: This public access point allows search of the Public Works document library. It does not allow you to view documents. Contact Public Works for a copy of the document.